World Environment Day at Shivlingeshwar College of Pharmacy celebrated various activities in campus link-               Student Exit Feedback Link:               11 students of Shivlingeshwar College of Pharmacy passed the National Level NIPER Exam               12 students were honored with Prizes Worth Rs. One Lakh as they excell in GPAT & NIPER exam.               B Pharmacy final year student Jadhav Prati Suryakant (88.57 %) has come first from the university while from the Pharm D Course students Kulkarni Sachin Shankarao stood first (90.40 %), Sagar Ashwini Hanmant (89.80 %) stood second & (Dhanure Rameshwar Shivaji) (88.60%) stood third from the university.               Live: 9th STATE LEVEL PHARMA VOLLEYCUP 2024 || INAUGURATION CEREMONY LINK-               Convocation Ceremony 2024 to be held on 11th May, 2024 in the presence of Dr. D. M. Netke, Director, Board of Examinations & Evaluation, SRTMU, Nanded               Shivlingeshwar Pharmacy College, Almala Conducting Pharma Placement Drive on 02 June 2024, Sunday.            
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Role of Governing Council

The governing council of a pharmacy institute plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing the institute's affairs. Its responsibilities generally include:

Strategic Planning:

The governing council participates in the formulation of the institute's strategic goals, vision, and mission. It sets the direction for the institute's academic, research, and professional development activities.

Policy Development:

The council establishes policies and guidelines related to academic programs, admissions, faculty recruitment, curriculum development, research initiatives, student affairs, and other aspects of the institute's functioning. These policies ensure adherence to regulatory standards and promote excellence in pharmacy education.

Academic Oversight:

The governing council is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of education offered by the pharmacy institute. It reviews and approves academic programs, curriculum changes, and assessment methods to ensure compliance with accreditation requirements and industry standards. The council also monitors faculty qualifications, teaching effectiveness, and student performance.

Financial Management:

The council plays a role in financial planning, budgeting, and resource allocation for the pharmacy institute. It oversees the institute's financial operations, including fundraising, grants, and expenditure decisions. The council ensures financial stability and optimal utilization of resources to support the institute's goals.

Faculty and Staff Appointment:

The governing council participates in the selection and appointment of key academic and administrative personnel. It reviews and approves faculty recruitment, promotions, and professional development plans. The council ensures that the institute has a qualified and diverse workforce to deliver high-quality education and research.

Collaboration and Networking:

The council fosters partnerships and collaborations with other educational institutions, industry stakeholders, and professional bodies. It identifies opportunities for collaboration, joint research projects, student exchange programs, and internships. These initiatives help to enhance the institute's reputation, facilitate knowledge transfer, and provide students with exposure to real-world pharmacy practice.

Regulatory Compliance:

The governing council ensures that the pharmacy institute complies with the relevant regulatory bodies and accreditation agencies. It maintains communication with these organizations, implements necessary changes, and addresses any concerns or requirements. Compliance with regulatory standards assures students, employers, and the public of the institute's quality and credibility.

Student Welfare:

The council oversees student affairs and welfare initiatives. It ensures the availability of necessary support services, facilities, and resources for student development and well-being. The council may also establish student feedback mechanisms and channels for addressing grievances or concerns.

Public Relations and Advocacy:

The governing council represents the pharmacy institute in the larger professional and academic community. It promotes the institute's achievements, strengths, and contributions through various channels, including conferences, publications, and media. The council advocates for the advancement of pharmacy education, research, and practice at regional, national, and international levels. Overall, the Governing Council of a Pharmacy institute functions as the governing body responsible for strategic planning, policy development, academic oversight, financial management, collaboration, regulatory compliance, student welfare, and public relations. Its role is crucial in ensuring the institute's growth, quality, and relevance in the field of Pharmacy education and research.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Dharashive S L Chairman
2 Mr. Kapse P N Member
3 Mr. Dharashive B S Member
4 Mr. Khichade M R Member
5 Mr. Gujrathi D S Member
6 Dr. Sameer Shafi Member
7 Mr. Dharashive Y S Member
8 Dr. Jalalpure S S Academic expert
9 Mr. Swami H V Industrial expert
10 Mr. Badal G N Industrial expert
11 ------------------- DTE Nominee
12 ------------------- SRTMU Nominee
13 ------------------- MSBTE Nominee
14 Mr. Dharashive V M Member-Secretary