World Environment Day at Shivlingeshwar College of Pharmacy celebrated various activities in campus link-               Student Exit Feedback Link:               11 students of Shivlingeshwar College of Pharmacy passed the National Level NIPER Exam               12 students were honored with Prizes Worth Rs. One Lakh as they excell in GPAT & NIPER exam.               B Pharmacy final year student Jadhav Prati Suryakant (88.57 %) has come first from the university while from the Pharm D Course students Kulkarni Sachin Shankarao stood first (90.40 %), Sagar Ashwini Hanmant (89.80 %) stood second & (Dhanure Rameshwar Shivaji) (88.60%) stood third from the university.               Live: 9th STATE LEVEL PHARMA VOLLEYCUP 2024 || INAUGURATION CEREMONY LINK-               Convocation Ceremony 2024 to be held on 11th May, 2024 in the presence of Dr. D. M. Netke, Director, Board of Examinations & Evaluation, SRTMU, Nanded               Shivlingeshwar Pharmacy College, Almala Conducting Pharma Placement Drive on 02 June 2024, Sunday.            
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The relationship between SCOP and nature is a long and enduring one, something that students and staff of the college are aware of. Since 2004, the college has always had sustainable initiatives at the core of all activities. 17% of the 27 acre lush campus in the Diplomatic Enclave has been built up. The rest of the campus can be categorized as playgrounds, lawns and gardens. A huge area is left in its natural form and acts as a natural habitat for biodiversity and a large variety of species of grasses, herbs, shrubs and trees.



To protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within the campus

To ensure prudent use of environmental resources

To meet the needs and aspirations of the present and future generations.

To make the plastic free campus.

To conduct environmental and energy audits from time to time.

To minimize the use of paper in administration through having policy for E-governance.

Scope of the Policy

Envisions a Clean and Green Campus where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco- friendly practices in the campus and beyond the campus. The Green campus, Energy and environmental polices develop new co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities among the students.

The focus of this polices are

Clean Camus infinitives

Landscaping infinitives

Clean Air Initiatives

Smoking free campus


Clean campus infinitives

SCOP had pledged to actively coordinate cleanliness activities in the college and beyond the campus in accordance with the vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It commits to continue with this Programme. The broad vision is as follows:

1. Generating mass awareness on cleanliness and hygiene amongst students and staff members by holding regular cleanliness drives. The idea is to motivate them to contribute in a proactive manner.

2. Activities under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ will be a key component of all the community work being done by NSS volunteers of the college.

3. Staff Members will be encouraged to participate in the cleanliness drive in the college campus.

4. Rallies on themes connected with ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ in and around the college campus will be conducted to create mass awareness.

5. Remove all kinds of waste material like broken furniture, unusable equipment etc

6. Commit to manage waste and maintain clean campus especially during college events

Landscaping Initiatives

The campus landscape, like its buildings, can be seen as the physical embodiment of a college’s values. It is a vital part of the life of a campus, providing space for study, play, outdoor events, relaxation and aesthetic appreciation. Green campus landscapes also manage runoff, help recharge groundwater, and clean and cool the air on campus. The landscape serves as a visual representation of the campus community’s commitment to sustainability. As campus landscapes are so visible and accessible, landscaping initiatives are a great way to build awareness around the environment. There are more than 1000 trees and more than 1500 shrubs on campus. The landscape of trees and plants provide the 1500+ students and staff with clean and cool air and is a soothing environment. The diverse green cover of SCOP is also home to a number bird across at least 10 species, creating a campus rich in biodiversity. The college commits to enriching this healthy habitat and maintaining the symbiotic relation of the institution with nature by

Organizing annual tree plantation drives

Encouraging student societies to hold tree planting events

Clean Air Initiatives

We encourage our students and staff to use public transportation. We encourage carpooling to college, an activity that will control air pollution and strengthen social interaction. The entry of automobiles inside the campus is restricted to discourage the use of private vehicles.

Smoking Free Campus

In compliance with the framework provided by the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) 2007-2008, the college prohibits smoking and the use of other tobacco products. As a step in this direction, smoking and use of tobacco in and around the campus is strictly prohibited.

Conduct Green Audit

The college aims to regularly conduct a Green Audit of our college campus to assess our strengths and weaknesses to further our goals of long-term sustainability. A green audit is a useful tool to determine how and where most energy or water or resources are being used. The college can then consider how to implement changes and make savings. It can determine the type and volume of waste. Waste minimization plans can be adopted. It will create health consciousness and promote environmental values and ethics. It provides a better understanding of the impact of ecofriendly practices on campus. Green auditing will promote financial savings through reduction of resource use. It is imperative that the college evaluate its own contributions toward a sustainable future.

Plastic-Free Campus

SCOP has been observing most of its duties in terms of solid waste management since its inception. In view of the Government of India’s resolution to ban all single use plastics due to the hazardous impact of plastic use and pollution, the college administration strictly bans the use of single use plastics in its premise to make it a ‘Plastic Free Campus’